Taalmagic Trust Is Founded by Sh. Anand HS (Tabla Player)

Namaskar, I am Anand HS. I am a tabla player and the founder of taalmagic. At present I am learning under the guidance of Pandit Amrutesh Kulkarni Ji. 

After spending over 2 decades in the Indian IT industry, working for some big names like HP, Fidelity Investments & DELL, I decided to leave that life behind and dedicate myself to the learning and promotion of Indian Classical Music.

The taalmagic brand is the result of my love for this art form and a passion to create a platform that celebrates Indian Classical Music. At Taalmagic we are committed to showcase the variety in Indian music via concerts, to the local community. We are creating a viable platform for emerging as well as established artists to perform and spread the beauty of Indian Classical Music.

Our small concert format, popularly known as "the baithak" has gained a dedicated following over the past several months and it has been instrumental in bridging the knowledge gap that prevents many people from fully enjoying this very fulfilling genre of music.

Now that you've come this far, I encourage you to explore all the links on this site and let us know if you would like to be informed of upcoming music programs in the city.

Pandit Amrutesh Kulkarni