meenakshi hariharasubramani award for excellence in music 

(Instituted on January 2023)

As of January 2023, Taalmagic Trust (R) has instituted an award known as the "MEENAKSHI HARIHARASUBRAMANI AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MUSIC" in loving memory of our founder, Shri Anand's parents. 

The goal of this annual award is to recognise one talented musician who has dedicated his/her life to the dedicated pursuit & promotion of Indian Classical Music. This award shall carry a momento, a citation & a cash award for the receipient, as a recongnition and as a motivation to continue their journey on the path of excellence in music. Taalmagic Trust (R) strives to work towards making this award a permanent fixture in our yearly annual day celebrations and hope to honour and recognise all great musicians of our time.

You can also be a part of this noble initiative by extending financial aid to our organization. Kindly visit the "Extend Support" page on top to know more.

List of recipients of the Meenakshi Hariharasubramani Award for Excellence in Music