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Music is the essence that spreads the feeling of brotherhood & peace in the community. Indian Classical Music in particular is very well known to be a very effective means of calming the mind.  Not only does it calm the mind, it also promotes a feeling of contentment. Some of the well documented benefits of being involved are:

At Taalmagic we are committed to showcase the variety in Indian music to the local community through concerts as well as music classes. These activities are led by our founder, Shri Anand HS. 

We are creating an economically viable platform for emerging as well as established artists to perform and spread the beauty of Indian Classical Music. Our small conIcert format, popularly known as "the baithak" has gained a dedicated following over the last 4 years and it has been instrumental in bridging the knowledge gap that prevents many people from fully enjoying this very fulfilling genre of music. 

So far we have successfully done 29 baithaks (and counting). All our past program recordings can be viewed at leisure on our YouTube channel (

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